Please say please

It seems like society is falling apart at the seams and some of those “seems” that are coming undone are manners; most people are not mannerly or courteous anymore. This past weekend I heard there is a restaurant in a town in Germany that put up a child ban. Basically they do not allow parents to bring their children into this restaurant anymore because parents have not been controlling their kids. I am actually surprised this is not a more popular idea because, especially in the last 5 years or so, I have seen so many kids causing grief because they are out of control and nobody corrects them. I know that kids are kids but one of the points I am getting at is that people do not teach manners anymore because not only do I see it in kids but I see it in adults as well and it shows up in the workplace.

Coworkers or management who are always giving orders, telling people to do such and such, and being pushy makes workplace environments such a drag. People generally want to help people who ask for help, so there is no need for anyone to tell someone to help… just asking politely will go a lot further and the helper may even go the extra mile (hence it is why they are magic words). Just the words please and thank you though are not the catch-all and everyone can see through manipulation and it is not appreciated. Without getting into all of the actual actions and words used to be mannerly, I will let you research them if you desire to, basically manners and courteousness all boil down to is being thoughtful of others feelings, their schedule, their work, and on and on. This is a short blog with a simple point so I won’t overburden the point but it would do us all good if we start living on purpose and having situational awareness and responding appropriately and watch how much your life will be better by making others lives better. You may be thinking that you are pretty courteous and mannerly but let’s all challenge ourselves to take our kindness to the next level and start intercepting and meeting needs that effect others before the needs actually arrive (you know like a server who gives you a refill before you actually need one).