Learn more, become more, and… jump!

A lot of people stop pushing themselves to learn after they graduate college or high school which is sad. Society taught us to learn what you need to know to get by. We learned that to get good grades we need to memorize a bunch of info to ace tests so that we can graduate with certifications to show our employers that we know how to conform to whatever job mold they have for us. This idea has been great in the past which has created the middle class today which is a great thing. Unfortunately there is a connection revolution going on right now and a lot of jobs are being shipped overseas to people who are willing to work harder for less pay and there are a lot of jobs that are just being dissolved just because the internet and technology has made the impossible now possible.

So with all of the change in technology there has also been a mindset shift in the economy because of the information age we are in and because of social media. Everything is now public and open and companies cannot hide their secret sins anymore because everyone will find them out quickly and will take their business elsewhere. Also, because of the internet, there have been a lot of start-up companies that have given large companies a run for their money just because they can connect to so many people so quickly and offer their customers a better value.

So how does this relate to learning? Well the answer is everything because if you don’t know the world is changing, then you will be left behind as a business or as an individual. There are so many industries that have made so many career paths obsolete simply because of new technology. And because of the internet, people who are looking for jobs are competing with people who are overseas because the economy has become global.

So be encouraged and be excited because with this economic revolution we are in because there are tons of opportunities to take advantage of. It is not the time to look at yourself as a cog in the wheel, but as an individual who can create and not just replicate. There is a world full of information right at our fingertips and to just get by and not continually learn is a shame because the world needs your personal contribution. I am not suggesting to just study and learn the latest technology because it is ever-changing but learn how life works and be apart of this connection age and don’t fight it. At work learn and be a risk taker, don’t bet the farm so to speak, but be more than a “just a do what I am told and pass the blame if it goes wrong” type of person. Come up with new ideas and take responsibility if it goes wrong. Your ideas may work but they may not but you have to learn to dance with that fear and do your due diligence but at some point you have to jump. I will leave you with this personal story to wrap up that last point.

This summer I finally got myself to do a back-flip off of the diving board in my aunt’s pool. I have seen friends do them through the years and I have done front flips but I have struggled with the fear of hurting myself by doing back flips. So I tried my hand at it and yes I failed countless times doing “back-flops” and such but once I saw I was making progress and I wasn’t dying, lol, I got excited to try again and again until I got it. Once I got it I wanted to try to do a running back-flip where I run forward, jump, and do a back flip; it took me a while but I got it. How did I go from not being able to do a back flip to being able to do them and other tricks that expound on it? Because I figured it is better to take a shot at it and fail than to live in defeat. Jim Rohn said it like this “We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.” So keep growing, dance with fear, take calculated risks using wisdom, and when you’re at the end of your diving board … jump! Your life and others lives will be better for it.