Humility in the workplace

Pride has seemed to be the great driver that has built many businesses but the businesses that last and are growing are the ones that were built with a purpose greater than just making the CEO’s family rich and famous. The businesses that are the best places to work at and that last through time are businesses who lead their teams with a vision that is greater than themselves because the CEO’s in these companies are always lifting their team members higher than themselves. Humility is not thinking less of yourself but it’s thinking of yourself less; it is being others focused and not-self focused.

One form of humility is if you are willing to take responsibility for idea’s that fail and give away the credit for the idea’s that succeed. If you can be secure enough to do that then people will love to work with and for you because they know they can trust you. I have heard it said in different ways that if you give away lots of recognition, you will never need any yourself. The opposite is true and is more prevalent which is if you are always passing the blame for failures and are always taking the credit for successes, people will not like working with you.

Another point on humility is that God opposes the proud but favors the humble. If you look throughout history, this is very evident. King David put his sheep first by putting himself in harm’s way to kill a bear and a lion that would have destroyed his flock. So not only was he others focused but he was also God focused and God raised him up from being the least in the kingdom to the greatest in the kingdom and in Jewish history. God saw that he was faithful in taking care of the little things so God made him ruler over many things. There are many more examples of men and women throughout history that God has raised even Ruth David’s great grandma showed herself humble before God and Naomi and she wasn’t even raised in church so to speak. I will conclude with this last parable from the bible that I reworded to help us understand humility.

When you go to an important gathering, don’t take the high seat because if someone else more honorable comes then you may be asked to give up your seat and you will be shamed to take the lower seat. But when you go, take the lower seat that you may be called up and exalted. For whoever promotes them self-will be humbled and whoever will humble them self will be promoted.

So put others first and if we all do that, this world will be a better place to work in because then we know that people love us and have our backs which creates an atmosphere of trust which fosters growth. It may not be the easy thing to do in a selfish world but remember it is the right thing to do and people will love you for it and promotions may just open up for you.