Keeping and creating traditions

There are good traditions and bad traditions and some are made on purpose and some by accident but one thing that is true is that people like traditions. Even if people have bad traditions they stick to them because the outcome is predictable and people do not like change because then the future becomes unpredictable. Now traditions can be harmful if they are not kept and evaluated, but traditions can also be the biggest tool in the shed when it comes to building rich relationships and building companies. The stronger the relationships in companies the stronger the company is because people are the roots of the organization. If the network of roots is weak then the plant is weak and so is the production but if the network of the roots are strong then the plant is strong. So if you want a strong healthy root system of people in the organization then build and keep good traditions and remove the bad ones and don’t just leave the good traditions up to chance. Here is one tradition I have started at work and people look forward to it every year (and I am in no leadership position mind you).

One summer I grew a garden and I had an over abundance of cherry tomatoes and I am a giver anyways so I gave some away to friends and family but they still kept on coming. So I decided to bring them into work and set them on our unofficial community table where people occasionally bring donuts or bagels or whatever for everyone to share. Well those little tomatoes ended up being a big hit and I started bringing them day after day for a big part of the harvest season. Later that next winter or spring whenever I started talking about the garden or plans for next summer people reminisced and asked me if I was going to bring them in next year. That next year unfortunately I did not have a garden but this year I grew one and people have been asking about when are they coming in and I just put my first batch on the table and everyone enjoyed them and are asking when I am bringing more.

I share that story because that is just a tradition I started by accident that has become a connection point at work and now I plan to keep it as long as the tomatoes come in. Traditions can be started in different ways and can consist of many things. Traditions are something that people repeat throughout time. So I encourage you to start your own traditions in the workplace and even at home or with friends and watch your relationships become richer and if the good traditions need to end because of circumstances, make sure that the people involved know in some form or another because just not keeping them all of the sudden is a big offense and it has a harmful effect. Just like water is essential to life it can also destroy life so make sure your traditions are under control and watch your relationships go deeper.